The social prejudices due to race, religion, disabilities or genre identity, which are implicit in conventional education, ingrained in people’s minds and transmitted for decades, produce stigmatizing attitudes and discriminatory behavior in scholar environments. This, mainly, triggers the high suicide index in children and teens, according to Medicina Legal of Colombia and WHO (World Health Organization).

That’s why we have carried out actions for transforming negative ideals, so we can give the new generations a better future.

You can make a great contribution to alter social reality by opening up communication spaces with schools, social groups, organizations and companies. All you have to do is sensitize and promote the development of our activities and our prevention campaigns, which satisfy the parameters described in the Colombian inclusion regulation, also Human Rights.

Establishing these interinstitutional relations you help us to spread our respect, love and equality message in the new generations, allowing children and youth grow up enjoying a world with lower violence factors, which will empower their personalities and life projects in a positive way, not caring about:

  • Physical or intellectual disabilities
  • Ethnic group
  • Economic situation
  • Religion
  • Educational level
  • Politic ideology
  • Origin


The most important thing about this work is to show the new generations that they can count on many ways to live happy in a country that day by day transform itself, to secure rights equality to everybody  living this nation and world.

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